Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Most Important Love is Self-Love

It’s that time of year again when all of the roses, chocolates, and candies come out to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Whether you live vicariously through America’s notorious rom-coms or enjoy dinner out with a loved one, we want you to remember that it’s not just about showing love and affection to others. Self-love is important to your journey on this crazy ride we call life and not just on the 14th, but always.

I know, I know… this doesn’t sound fitness related right? Well… At Girl Fight Fitness, we believe that a woman’s fitness journey includes overall health, mentally and physically. We all experience challenges in life that can result in neglecting ourselves. However, self-love can help us cope better with challenging days and keep healthy habits in place. Melanie Greenberg PhD, Psychology Today

Self-Love is about simply being kind to yourself, reminding yourself what you excel at, and making time for you. As a way to help through the hard and good times alike, we put together a list of activity-based self-love that may help you cultivate your relationship with YOU:
  • Exercise
  • Read
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Meditate
  • Creating Art
  • Journaling/Drawing
  • Cook/Bake Healthy Recipes

While we certainly wish that “Netflix & Chill” could be on this list, make sure to do something active for your mind AND body often. You are your own powerhouse…so make sure to take care of yourself to sustain all aspects of life, both required and desired.