Monday, August 3, 2020

Adapting to the “New Normal”

In March, the everyday errands, gatherings, and entertainment in our lives stopped with a grinding halt. It may have been welcomed for some of us at first (to an extent) as a reason to spend more time with our immediate loved ones, draw/paint more, or finally attempt those overdue house projects on our list. Others have been on the front lines and battling Coronavirus firsthand. Either way, it has been a stressful journey and you are not alone.

We are now being told we can patron certain businesses with very strict mask rules, social distancing, etc., but this provides angst as we’ve seen other places in the country close and reopen to only have to close again. Before you go somewhere, you have to familiarize yourself with their rules and each place is different since we are all learning this together.

Masks have become the new latest accessory adorned with gemstones, designs, or logos of our favorite places. While it’s fun to see how creative people can be, it becomes harder to get out the door, especially when you are halfway to the store and realize you forgot your mask and need to turn around. It’s also another thing to see someone refusing to wear it properly, or at all. The shear uncertainty of the pandemic’s ending makes it a normal thing for you to feel stressed.

Now that we’ve discussed the what and the why, we need to establish the “how”, how can we adapt to this new normal?

1.    Listen

The rules are there for a reason. Listen to them and understand that they are there for your safety.

2.    Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, those of us who thrive on spontaneity must learn to plan ahead. Use a planner to decide your itinerary for the day. Then call ahead to the places you plan to patron so that you are aware of the new procedures that they have in place. Also, write them down so you don’t have to remember what they were from the last time you went.

3.    Socially Distance on a Regular Basis

Before this, we like to think you would stay away from a person coughing or sneezing in public, especially someone that appears to have a cold. However, this virus makes it hard to determine if someone is sick, so we must not be within 6 feet of others even if we have a mask on, in general.

4.    Keep a Couple of Masks Around

          Keep a mask in your car. Make sure to wash it occasionally, but keeping one in your car allows you run to the store quickly and not have to worry about if you grabbed it from the house on the way out.

5.    Have Patience

Again, we are all learning this together and a little patience makes the whole process smoother for everyone. Remember that there will be longer wait times and new situations that people will need to learn to navigate.

6.    Talk to Others

Sharing tips and tricks to this “new normal” is encouraged! Talk to friends, family, co-workers about what you’re doing to stay safe. Also, if you’re comfortable with talking to them about how you’re feeling, they may tell you that they are feeling that way too. This commonality can help bring you closer in a time of need and make you feel a little bit more comfortable with life right now.

Stay safe out there everyone!

-Your Girl Fight Family

*This blog is meant to provide tips on adapting to new routines and procedures and is not a statement that all sickness will be prevented.