Sunday, December 29, 2019

How To Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Ever heard of the old saying “New Year, New You”? This statement alone is why we see an influx of people at the gym at the beginning of each year. However, even the best fitness resolutions can be tough to keep up with... a lot can happen in that year! Although keeping motivated can be tough, do not fret! Girl Fight Fitness can help you succeed by following a few simple guidelines:

1.    Set Timely Goals
It’s easy to get caught up in a big plan. “I’m going to go to the gym more often this year” is not a specific time or plan. Instead, try setting a goal more like: “I’m going to the gym four times a week”. This goal is measurable by time rather than having a broad goal that is hard to follow.

2.    Write It Down
Does this sound familiar? I think we’ve said it before, but writing down your goals really does help! If you don’t already have one, buy a personal planner. Not only can you keep your workouts organized, but you can write other things down (like birthdays too)!
If you’re more of the electronic type, you can always set weekly reminders on your phone’s calendar for the days that are feasible to fit in a workout. Our world is becoming increasingly technologically savvy by also having smart watches that will remind us of important events. If you own one, you can sync your calendar to your watch to avoid missing a workout!

3.    Give Yourself Powerful Messages
We all have quotes that we resonate with. We have ones that empower us, make us grateful, and motivate us.
This may seem silly, but hear us out! Take a stack of post-its and write down your favorite inspirational quotes. After you’re done (doesn’t matter how many you have), put them on your mirror at home, a desk computer, or in your purse. Each time you see/find these quotes, they will remind you that you are worth every minute you spend on yourself.
A Girl Fight Favorite is: Mind Over Matter.
Our bodies can handle so much more than we think we can. Just remember this quote and allow it to be the spirit of each workout that allows you to obtain your goal. What’s even better?...Our Girl Fight community members empower each other!

4.    Pick a Favorite Class/Instructor
Now, with this being said, we hope all trainers are your favorite!! However, we know there are certain styles of class/teaching that you will enjoy more than others! If you know that a certain day/time works for you and it happens to be your favorite class/trainer, book the class a month at a time*. For example, if you like the 5:30 class on Tuesdays, book it for the entire month of January. Then, towards the end of January, reassess the best day/time and book the entire next month for that class (keep in mind this can be done for multiple classes). Soon, it will be a habit and you will have to schedule other events around YOUR time.
*Please remember: If you end up having an unavoidable conflict and cannot make it to class, you have 2 hours before class time to cancel in order to not incur a $5 charge (Girl Fight Memberships)!

5.    Review
Set aside time to review your progress. This can be done monthly or quarterly to see where you think you need to improve or pull back. As always, our bodies tell us when we need to rest and when we can push ourselves. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! This is super important. If you push yourself when you are unable, that is when injuries can happen and impede the progress you’ve made. Therefore, it is better to rest a day or two, if needed.

We hope you follow these tips to guide your fitness success. If you need us, we’re here! There are also challenges that occur multiple times a year, like the 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge! Not only do you lose weight, but you can win cash too (subject to rules and regulations**)

The first one of 2020 starts on January 21st, so be sure to check it out now!
A virtual cheers to a very healthy and Happy New Year!

-Your Girl Fight Family

**Additional information available on website

Monday, October 7, 2019

How to Get Motivated to Work Out

We all struggle to get to the gym sometimes. We have work, kids, school, friends, event commitments…the list goes on. So how in the world can we get motivated to keep in shape or lose the weight we’ve always wanted to? Girl Fight Fitness is here to provide a few tips to current and future members on how to get to the gym and fulfill your goals.
  1. Write it down.  The first step to committing to a fitness goal (or any goal for that matter) is to write it down. Write your own personal goal (realistic please!) in a place you look at often. This place can be a journal, a planner, or on a dry erase board. Nevertheless, it will remind you of the reason you started. Also, keep in mind…people change, health and fitness changes, and these goals can change too. Just track your progress.
  2. Hold yourself accountable.  Plan a schedule ahead of time. Pick your favorite workouts or class times and put them in your schedule as if they are important business meetings you must not miss. Imagine that your business meeting takes place at Girl Fight, your co-workers are your Girl Fight community and the topic of discussion for that hour is your trainer telling you how to effectively hit that bag for maximum effectiveness. At the end of class, you can check off your workout on your daily list! That will feel pretty good.
  3. Don’t let a bad day get you down.  It’s easy to say, “I’m just going to go home because I don’t feel well”. Please listen when we say…THIS IS NORMAL. Try to come to class anyway and we may just prove ourselves to lift your spirits. Now, we’re not telling you to come when you are ill, but just recognize that we as humans aren’t going to feel 100 percent or do our best every day. In those “blah” moments, you have your Girl Fight trainers that can provide modifications in every class if need be and your Girl Fight community to support you. We promise that you will say “I’m glad I came” when you leave.
  4. Find a workout buddy.  Schedule to meet up with a friend for a workout just as if it were a dinner date or a happy hour. You’ll be a lot less likely to bail on your workout if you know someone is waiting for you. Also, would it be too bold to suggest picking someone you like!?
  5. Additional Girl Fight programs.  Don’t worry, we hold you accountable too! There are many additional Girl Fight Fitness programs that we hold sporadically throughout the year with built-in accountability. Some previous and current programs include:
    1. Couch to 5K running.
    2. 6 Week Weight Loss Challenges to win cash and prizes (stay tuned for the next on in Nov/Dec).
    3. And, for those new to Girl Fight... 6 months of free personalized coaching with your membership!

If you ever have any questions for your Girl Fight team, let us know!

Monday, September 16, 2019

PSL: What does that mean for your workout?

PSL has become the highlight of autumn. It has even arrived at our local fast food chains earlier than years past. However, we wanted to know the nutritional value of pumpkin spice lattes and how you can still enjoy a seasonal beverage without costing your Girl Fight Fitness lifestyle plan.

While Starbucks and Dunkin’ have the standard pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin swirl latte (respectively), McDonalds is making its differentiating plunge into the 2019 pumpkin spice season by adding caramel as its standard fall beverage. We will break down the nutritional value of each of these medium-sized hot fall beverages:

Starbucks PSL (2%Milk)
Dunkin’ Pumpkin Swirl Latte
McDonalds Caramel PSL

Keep in mind, Girl Fighters, these nutritional facts are based on a 2000 Calorie daily diet. This is the standard caloric capacity to maintain weight. Therefore, if your fitness goal is to lose weight, some of these beverages may negatively affect your goal depending on other daily meal choices. We are not saying to not participate in the fall indulgences, but we want you to be mindful of how drinks can impact fitness progress.

For example, if you are looking to eat only 1500 calories a day to lose one pound each week*, one fall drink ranges from 20%-25% of your diet for one day. You may say, “Well it doesn’t sound that bad because I’ll be working out later”. While that may be true, still consider that one PSL is generally equivalent to one Girl Fight Fitness class.

So, what can we do to still enjoy the pumpkin spice season and still hit our fitness goals!? Well if you’re a coffee lover, a Pumpkin Spice Coffee may just do the trick for your taste buds and cozy autumn spirit.

A medium size coffee at any of these three aforementioned chains range from 4-5 Calories, 0g Fat, 0g Carbs, 10mg Sodium, and 0g Sugar (unless you add cream and sugar to your order). So, by getting a regular coffee and adding the pumpkin spices to it, you can still participate in the craze with less impact to your fitness goals**.

*Varies per person

**This information is based on nutritional facts obtained from chain websites as of 9/6/2019 and may change at any time. Please use the customizable nutrition facts on each site depending on where you obtain your coffee from to find the nutritional value for your chosen drink and additions like cream, sugar and pumpkin spices. This post is merely a demonstration of how pumpkin spice can be a part of your lifestyle while still achieving personal fitness goals.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

10-Minute Workout When on a Time Crunch

Are you having a busy day and can’t make it to the gym? It’s okay! Girl Fight Fitness has you covered with a 10-minute workout (no equipment needed) that will keep you feeling good and on track with your overall fitness plan! Be sure to do each exercise for 60 seconds with a 20 second rest period in between each, unless otherwise noted.

·         Push-Up
o   Target Areas: Chest, Back, Arms
o   Instructions:
§  Assume plank position.
§  Hands must be directly under your shoulders.
§  Make sure your pelvis is tucked and your neck is neutral.
§  Lower yourself down, keeping your back flat until your chest nearly touches the ground.
§  Push yourself back up.
§  Repeat until the 60 seconds is up.
·         Modified Plank Jacks
o   Target Areas: Chest, Back, Abs, Arms, Shoulders
o   Instructions:
§  Assume plank position.
§  Hands must be directly under your shoulders.
§  Keep your feet together with a flat back.
§  Keep your abs engaged
§  Step out with your right foot and then bring it back in.
§  Step out with your left foot and then bring it back in.
§  Repeat until the 60 seconds is up.
·         Lunges
o   Target Areas: Glutes, Quads
o   Instructions:
§  With a straight upper body, shoulders down and back, abs engaged:
·         Step forward with your right leg, lowering at the hip with your knee right above your ankle, thigh parallel until it's at 90 degrees (make sure your knee is not in front of your ankle as this will cause pain and possibly injury).
·         Repeat, alternating between your left and right leg for the remaining 60 seconds.
·         Plyometric Squat
o   Target Areas: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Core
o   Instructions:
§  Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, abs engaged.
§  Squat with knees bent at a 90-degree angle, thighs parallel (again, make sure your knee is above your ankle and not in front of your ankle as this will cause pain and/or injury)
§  Jump straight up into the air, using your legs to push up forcefully.
§  Land back down into squat position.
§  Repeat for the remaining 60 seconds.
·         Mountain Climbers
o   Target Areas: Abs, Arms, shoulders, Quads
o   Instructions:
§  Assume plank position.
§  Hands must be directly under your shoulders.
§  Keep your feet together with a flat back.
§  Keep your abs engaged.
§  Pull your right knee into your chest.
§  Place back on the ground.
§  Repeat, alternating between your left and right leg for the remaining 60 seconds.
·         Scissor Crunches
o   Target Areas: Abs
o   Instructions:
§  Lie down on your back (make sure there is no space under the small of your back).
§  Keep your arms palm face down by your sides.
§  Lift both legs up, keeping your abs engaged and the length of your back to the floor.
§  Lower your right leg down until it is just above the ground, keeping the left leg up in the air.
§  Lower your left leg down as you bring the right leg back up in the air.
§  Repeat, alternating between your left and right leg for the remaining 60 seconds.

·         Jumping Jacks (45 seconds, 15 second rest)
o    Target Areas: Legs, Shoulders, Hips, Abs
o   Instructions:
§  Stand straight with a neutral spine and your arms at your sides.
§  Bend at the knee and jump out to a shoulder-width distance.
§  Bring your arms over your head simultaneously with the jump.
§  Jump back to center.
§  Repeat for the remaining 60 seconds.
·         Stationary Jogging (45 seconds, 15 second rest)
o   Target Areas: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
o   Instructions:
§  Stand straight, feet hips width apart, abs engaged.
§  Start to kick each leg back towards the glutes, remaining in place.
Repeat, alternating your left and right leg for the remaining 60 seconds.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Kickboxing Meets Yoga in Kickboxing/Yoga Fusion

Kickboxing/Yoga Fusion??? What the heck is it and what should I expect?

Kickboxing is a well-known sport that combines kicking and punching on bags that burns an insane number of calories while delivering on the fun. Yoga, also well-known in the exercise world as a floor-based spiritual meditation, strengthens and lengthens muscles in a gentle and relaxing manner. While we know them very well independently, how in the world did this concept evolve and how does it work?

 “The fusion class was really the brainchild of Amanda [Girl Fight Fitness founder] and Jennifer Venditti from Lilananda Yoga that was inspired by our year of sharing a studio,” says Jeanna, a Girl Fight Senior Trainer. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Lilananda Yoga was looking for a space last year to grow their brand and Amanda welcomingly invited them into her Burnt Hills Girl Fight location. Not only did she allow them to create a space customized to the aesthetic/feel of their own brand, but she wanted to further collaborate on dual classes! While Lilananda Yoga has since acquired their own space, the fusion class remains on the Girl Fight schedule due to popular demand.

Girl Fight Fitness, a true pioneer in the rapidly changing fitness environment, offers this class as an option to get your cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility training in all at once! On top of it, you do not need any prior experience in kickboxing or yoga to participate. But before you say, “where do I sign up!?,” you may ask, “what will I be doing exactly?”. Let us assure you that you won’t be trying to do a back kick on the bag while in a down dog position (which would be pretty hard to do!). Rather, the class is broken down into segments with the first half contributed to kickboxing and the second to yoga. Jeanna provides the typical class breakdown below:
·         Brief Warm-up
·         10 Minute Strength Training
·         10 Minute Kickboxing Combo on punching bags
·         25 Minutes of Yoga (Ends with Savasana - a pose that looks like you’ll catch some much needed zzz’s, but is meant for relaxation and awareness of mind, body, and spirit.)
·         Guided mediation (occasionally)

She says that the combination of these workouts positively affects mental health due to a release of endorphins, as well as, the mindfulness received in the practice of yoga. We hope you are as excited to take this class as we are to teach it!

As per gym rules, be sure to grab a pair of clean indoor only shoes and some water for this fitness packed class. Mats and gloves are provided, but please feel free to bring your own if you have them. You can catch this class, currently taught by Tori DeMasi on Tuesdays at 6:30PM in Burnt Hills and Corryn Andrianus/Tori DeMasi on Saturdays at 9:00AM in Burnt Hills. However, we are proud to announce that Jeanna Mead will be bringing this class to us at Latham starting in September! It will be held on Mondays at 7:30PM. Come kick it with us soon!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Girl Fight’s Guide to Healthier BBQ Eating

Summer barbeques and diets? Usually these two things do not mix, but we all know the inevitable BBQ invites will happen this summer. Still want to socialize with friends and be healthy? That is why Girl Fight is here to help you determine the best food choices to avoid completely derailing your fitness program with 3 easy steps.

1.    Eat the proper portions.

Now, we are not saying to be “that” person at the party by bringing a measuring cup or measuring spoons with you. You can still determine the right portions with simple hand movements. The Dairy Council of California has a fantastic way to determine per serving portion sizes*.

For example: We know that fats and dairy should be consumed less than grains or vegetables. The typical portion of cheese should be 1.5 oz. or one pointer finger in length, while the typical portion of grains (noodles) is a ½ a cup or a handful (palm)**.

* Screenshot the Dairy Council of California’s Portion Chart on your phone and refer to your photo gallery for easy reference!

**You’ve been caught: If someone catches on to what your doing, you can become the teacher and pass your newly found knowledge to your loved ones! They’ll either think you’re crazy (but still love you) or thank you for the insight.

2.    Stick to whole foods.

While you may love your best friend’s buffalo chicken dip (best in all the land), remember that dips and casseroles will have ingredients that you cannot measure. 

Stick to choosing from:
·         The vegetable platter
·         The fruit platter
·         The meat (chicken, hamburgers*, all-beef hotdogs)
·         Baked potatoes
·         Salad**

*If you have a hamburger, try swapping out the bun for lettuce or a whole split tomato (if available) like this fantastic Delish recipe!

**Leave the dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing before a bite of salad. You will consume less calories this way, but still have the added dressing flavor.

3.    Bring a water bottle with you.

Some often confuse dehydration with hunger. This does not mean you shouldn’t eat food, but staying properly hydrated will ensure that you pile less food on your plate and therefore less calories. WebMD’s Shaw (2009) says you should consume a half oz. to 1 oz. per pound per day to stay hydrated. (i.e. A 150 lb. woman should consume 75 to 150 oz. of water per day). If you have a 24 oz. water bottle, at this weight, you will need to fill it five to six times.

Please note: You will need to raise the number of water bottle fill-ups on a hot day. Your body will deplete its water content much quicker through sweat, meaning you will need to replace what was lost.

Be safe out there and enjoy your summer BBQs!
-Your Girl Fight Family