Monday, October 7, 2019

How to Get Motivated to Work Out

We all struggle to get to the gym sometimes. We have work, kids, school, friends, event commitments…the list goes on. So how in the world can we get motivated to keep in shape or lose the weight we’ve always wanted to? Girl Fight Fitness is here to provide a few tips to current and future members on how to get to the gym and fulfill your goals.
  1. Write it down.  The first step to committing to a fitness goal (or any goal for that matter) is to write it down. Write your own personal goal (realistic please!) in a place you look at often. This place can be a journal, a planner, or on a dry erase board. Nevertheless, it will remind you of the reason you started. Also, keep in mind…people change, health and fitness changes, and these goals can change too. Just track your progress.
  2. Hold yourself accountable.  Plan a schedule ahead of time. Pick your favorite workouts or class times and put them in your schedule as if they are important business meetings you must not miss. Imagine that your business meeting takes place at Girl Fight, your co-workers are your Girl Fight community and the topic of discussion for that hour is your trainer telling you how to effectively hit that bag for maximum effectiveness. At the end of class, you can check off your workout on your daily list! That will feel pretty good.
  3. Don’t let a bad day get you down.  It’s easy to say, “I’m just going to go home because I don’t feel well”. Please listen when we say…THIS IS NORMAL. Try to come to class anyway and we may just prove ourselves to lift your spirits. Now, we’re not telling you to come when you are ill, but just recognize that we as humans aren’t going to feel 100 percent or do our best every day. In those “blah” moments, you have your Girl Fight trainers that can provide modifications in every class if need be and your Girl Fight community to support you. We promise that you will say “I’m glad I came” when you leave.
  4. Find a workout buddy.  Schedule to meet up with a friend for a workout just as if it were a dinner date or a happy hour. You’ll be a lot less likely to bail on your workout if you know someone is waiting for you. Also, would it be too bold to suggest picking someone you like!?
  5. Additional Girl Fight programs.  Don’t worry, we hold you accountable too! There are many additional Girl Fight Fitness programs that we hold sporadically throughout the year with built-in accountability. Some previous and current programs include:
    1. Couch to 5K running.
    2. 6 Week Weight Loss Challenges to win cash and prizes (stay tuned for the next on in Nov/Dec).
    3. And, for those new to Girl Fight... 6 months of free personalized coaching with your membership!

If you ever have any questions for your Girl Fight team, let us know!