Thursday, January 14, 2021

Combatting Winter Depression

Hey Girl Fighters! Do you feel sluggish, unmotivated, or depressed due to winter weather? Are these feelings heightened among the ongoing pandemic and the certainty of the future? You’re not alone. We’ve researched and found some tips and tricks we’d like to share to help combat some of these commonly experienced symptoms!

1.    Write Down Daily Activities

When there’s not much to do because of continued pandemic related restrictions, some days can be a blur. You may ask, “What did I do today?”, as one day appears to look like the previous one. We recommend writing down what you do each day, as sometimes even small accomplishments can help you maintain a positive attitude. Did you clean out the fridge or finally tackle that pile of clothes in the closet? It counts! This may help you find gratitude in the small things that we typically see as a “chore” that “needs” to be done.

One of our trainers says they color code their planner to easily show how balanced their day was! For example:

Pink – Errand

Orange – TV Show/Movie

Yellow – Fun

Green – Fitness

Blue – Work

Purple - Meals


2.    Do You Work From Home? Get Up and Get Outside!

        Westfall, a Forbes contributor, reported that a recent study showed 75% of workers in the United States have struggled mentally while working from home. Our recommendation would be to make sure to get up and move around for a bit every hour. It can be easy to get stuck in your chair especially when there is a lot to get done.

        Another tip would be to go outside for a minute or two on your deck, porch or lawn. It can be hard to get yourself to do this during the winter, but Sowa, MD, PHD, reports that nature can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and as a result, anxiety/depression. Keeping a coat, a hat, and some gloves near the door can encourage you to get out for a couple of minutes when you need it most!

3.    Find What You Like To Do

 Do you not like running? Don’t force yourself to run! Find a type of exercise you like to do, as that will help you stick with it. Sometimes it may not be a certain type of exercise, but a particular trainer that you like! However, the key to all of this is to allow yourself to take the time to find out what you like.


4.    Exercise More Often (even for small bits of time)


Can’t make it to your favorite Girl Fight Fitness class that day? Don’t let that stop you from getting a small workout in. Take 10-15 minutes and do some squats, sit-ups, or pushups. While you crave the individualized attention that your trainers give you during class, short self-guided workouts like this will help keep you motivated to show up for those longer workouts. According to Harvard Health Publishing, regular exercise assists the hippocampus to become larger, and therefore, more equipped in helping us balance our emotions. Doesn’t that sound great?


Stay balanced and healthy!



*This blog is meant to provide tips on helping reduce feelings of stress from an exercise standpoint and is not a medical diagnosis/treatment in any manner. If you require help from clinically trained staff, please contact your physician or local hotline for assistance.