Sunday, December 29, 2019

How To Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Ever heard of the old saying “New Year, New You”? This statement alone is why we see an influx of people at the gym at the beginning of each year. However, even the best fitness resolutions can be tough to keep up with... a lot can happen in that year! Although keeping motivated can be tough, do not fret! Girl Fight Fitness can help you succeed by following a few simple guidelines:

1.    Set Timely Goals
It’s easy to get caught up in a big plan. “I’m going to go to the gym more often this year” is not a specific time or plan. Instead, try setting a goal more like: “I’m going to the gym four times a week”. This goal is measurable by time rather than having a broad goal that is hard to follow.

2.    Write It Down
Does this sound familiar? I think we’ve said it before, but writing down your goals really does help! If you don’t already have one, buy a personal planner. Not only can you keep your workouts organized, but you can write other things down (like birthdays too)!
If you’re more of the electronic type, you can always set weekly reminders on your phone’s calendar for the days that are feasible to fit in a workout. Our world is becoming increasingly technologically savvy by also having smart watches that will remind us of important events. If you own one, you can sync your calendar to your watch to avoid missing a workout!

3.    Give Yourself Powerful Messages
We all have quotes that we resonate with. We have ones that empower us, make us grateful, and motivate us.
This may seem silly, but hear us out! Take a stack of post-its and write down your favorite inspirational quotes. After you’re done (doesn’t matter how many you have), put them on your mirror at home, a desk computer, or in your purse. Each time you see/find these quotes, they will remind you that you are worth every minute you spend on yourself.
A Girl Fight Favorite is: Mind Over Matter.
Our bodies can handle so much more than we think we can. Just remember this quote and allow it to be the spirit of each workout that allows you to obtain your goal. What’s even better?...Our Girl Fight community members empower each other!

4.    Pick a Favorite Class/Instructor
Now, with this being said, we hope all trainers are your favorite!! However, we know there are certain styles of class/teaching that you will enjoy more than others! If you know that a certain day/time works for you and it happens to be your favorite class/trainer, book the class a month at a time*. For example, if you like the 5:30 class on Tuesdays, book it for the entire month of January. Then, towards the end of January, reassess the best day/time and book the entire next month for that class (keep in mind this can be done for multiple classes). Soon, it will be a habit and you will have to schedule other events around YOUR time.
*Please remember: If you end up having an unavoidable conflict and cannot make it to class, you have 2 hours before class time to cancel in order to not incur a $5 charge (Girl Fight Memberships)!

5.    Review
Set aside time to review your progress. This can be done monthly or quarterly to see where you think you need to improve or pull back. As always, our bodies tell us when we need to rest and when we can push ourselves. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! This is super important. If you push yourself when you are unable, that is when injuries can happen and impede the progress you’ve made. Therefore, it is better to rest a day or two, if needed.

We hope you follow these tips to guide your fitness success. If you need us, we’re here! There are also challenges that occur multiple times a year, like the 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge! Not only do you lose weight, but you can win cash too (subject to rules and regulations**)

The first one of 2020 starts on January 21st, so be sure to check it out now!
A virtual cheers to a very healthy and Happy New Year!

-Your Girl Fight Family

**Additional information available on website