Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Women Are Gaining Weight Faster Than Ever . . . And Here's Why

I feel like it is my responsibility as an ethical fitness trainer to stage an intervention for the majority of women.  In all my years of work and experience, I observe so many common themes that exist that not only prevent women from maintaining great health and fitness, but are actually pushing them backwards into states of poor fitness, stress, emotional depression, and other negative conditions that wreak havoc on our abilities to enjoy life as effective, strong, and happy individuals.

First off, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  You might think your struggles are unique, and so you suffer them quietly and bravely (because to be a woman in this world, you ARE brave by default).  However, it may shock you to realize how many similarities you share with the woman sitting next to you at work, at the gym, on the bus, or on the bleachers next to you at your kid's soccer practice.

As a Mom, Wife, and/or Daughter, you ALWAYS put yourself last.

Your kids come first.  Your spouse comes first.  Your parents come first.  Your family comes first.  It is a very common feeling.  As women, we are the caretakers because we are so sympathetic to everyone's needs...except our own.  That is why our health and fitness takes a backseat to the well-being of the most important people in our lives.

The gym can be an intimidating, competitive, judgemental place.

Raise your hand if you've ever clung to the cardio area or the "machines" at the gym as you watched the intimidating dudes by the mirrored wall grunting and heaving weights around.  Or the seemingly-perfect Barbie-women in full makeup and high-end workout gear making us feel like we're doing something wrong (even though they very likely share similar self-image issues with us).  The modern gym is a place of judgement and self-doubt, building more self-hate than self-love.

Our society tricks us and lies to us about what our bodies should look like.

We see people in magazines and on TV and think it is effortless to maintain that standard.  We think that we need to cut out all carbs and eat salads in order to have our ideal bodies.  We focus on what we LOOK like rather than what we FEEL like.  We focus on being pretty instead of being strong.  We worry more about how others perceive us than how we feel in our own skin.

If we are stressed out, we think there is something wrong with us.

Take a second to think about everything you have on your plate today.  EVERYTHING.  And if you feel like crying about it, it's okay.  We take on a LOT.  And we live in a society where we are made to feel guilty about not taking on more.  But we aren't allowed small amounts of time to focus on our sanity, and THAT is screwed up!

It is no wonder why most women are ready to explode!

We literally have NO TIME for US.  We focus on others, we take on too much, we are stressed beyond belief, and our fitness and self-care goes on the back-burner (if not in the refrigerator). 

If this sounds like YOU, you've come to the right place.

I want you to understand that you are not alone.  There are literally hundreds of women I interact with regularly at my studio that share the same feelings -- and are overcoming them by taking some time to hit a punching bag with like-minded, strong women.

Please take some time to check out more articles.  You'll definitely find useful information that you can use TODAY to make your life healthier and happier.  And if you ever have questions, feel free to reach out.

Remember, you are NOT alone!