Monday, July 29, 2019

Girl Fight’s Guide to Healthier BBQ Eating

Summer barbeques and diets? Usually these two things do not mix, but we all know the inevitable BBQ invites will happen this summer. Still want to socialize with friends and be healthy? That is why Girl Fight is here to help you determine the best food choices to avoid completely derailing your fitness program with 3 easy steps.

1.    Eat the proper portions.

Now, we are not saying to be “that” person at the party by bringing a measuring cup or measuring spoons with you. You can still determine the right portions with simple hand movements. The Dairy Council of California has a fantastic way to determine per serving portion sizes*.

For example: We know that fats and dairy should be consumed less than grains or vegetables. The typical portion of cheese should be 1.5 oz. or one pointer finger in length, while the typical portion of grains (noodles) is a ½ a cup or a handful (palm)**.

* Screenshot the Dairy Council of California’s Portion Chart on your phone and refer to your photo gallery for easy reference!

**You’ve been caught: If someone catches on to what your doing, you can become the teacher and pass your newly found knowledge to your loved ones! They’ll either think you’re crazy (but still love you) or thank you for the insight.

2.    Stick to whole foods.

While you may love your best friend’s buffalo chicken dip (best in all the land), remember that dips and casseroles will have ingredients that you cannot measure. 

Stick to choosing from:
·         The vegetable platter
·         The fruit platter
·         The meat (chicken, hamburgers*, all-beef hotdogs)
·         Baked potatoes
·         Salad**

*If you have a hamburger, try swapping out the bun for lettuce or a whole split tomato (if available) like this fantastic Delish recipe!

**Leave the dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing before a bite of salad. You will consume less calories this way, but still have the added dressing flavor.

3.    Bring a water bottle with you.

Some often confuse dehydration with hunger. This does not mean you shouldn’t eat food, but staying properly hydrated will ensure that you pile less food on your plate and therefore less calories. WebMD’s Shaw (2009) says you should consume a half oz. to 1 oz. per pound per day to stay hydrated. (i.e. A 150 lb. woman should consume 75 to 150 oz. of water per day). If you have a 24 oz. water bottle, at this weight, you will need to fill it five to six times.

Please note: You will need to raise the number of water bottle fill-ups on a hot day. Your body will deplete its water content much quicker through sweat, meaning you will need to replace what was lost.

Be safe out there and enjoy your summer BBQs!
-Your Girl Fight Family