Monday, March 15, 2021

What are Girl Fight Community Events?

They are fun events, whether virtual or in-person, that bring us together. They will allow you to create something you never thought to do, go on an adventure that you haven’t wanted to do alone, or simply, to get you out of the house!

We at Girl Fight Fitness care about you as a whole! We understand life gets busy between work, school, kids, hobbies, and other various activities. As a result, we want to offer enjoyable, relevant events that you can sign up for and fit into your schedule.

Creating time for fun outlets within your schedule can help reduce your stress level and boost your mind set in a positive manner (especially with a great group of ladies who support one another!).

Signing up for an event will ensure you don’t push off necessary me-time, which is easy to do! It also means you don’t have to plan the event…we do it for you! It takes the guess work out of what you’ll need, how long it will take, and figuring out the steps to complete/accomplish something.   

Have questions? We have answers:

1.    What does this cost?

It’s free with an active Girl Fight membership! There may be a supply list or some recommended items (but we will let you know of these beforehand so you may prepare accordingly).

2.    How do I sign up for them?

You sign up just like you normally would for a Girl Fight class on our website under the “Schedule” tab. You normally see classes in a Purple (Glenville) or Yellow (Latham) marker. However, these will be listed with a red marker.

3.    How often will these occur?

These will be occasional and not on a set schedule, but we will strive to offer at least one community event per month.

4.    What do the events entail? What will we be doing?

They will be different each month! They can be anything from a group hike to a cooking class/competition. Therefore, what you will be doing will vary.

Be sure to look at our Facebook, Instagram, and scheduling page for community event postings. We will alert you when there is a new event and what it will involve. If you like what you see and think it would be fun, come join us!

As an example, March’s community event will be teaching you how to complete two different egg decorating techniques. Both techniques require the eggs to be hard-boiled, but do not require the use of boiling water for the actual decorating process that many egg dipping techniques require. This is especially good if you have kids that you don’t near those hot surfaces/liquids while trying to decorate them. The first will be a marbled design using shaving cream and the second will be putting ANY image onto the egg’s surface. This allows you to customize the eggs exactly how you want to!

Girl Fighters - if you have any other questions about community events, please let us know! We are here to answer them.

We hope to see you at one very soon!

-Your Girl Fight Family

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What do Fat Loss and the Bank have in common?

"I don't know, I was just expecting it to happen... faster..." 

One of the biggest struggles we have as women trying to get in the best shape possible is how long of a time it takes.

I won't lie, it is a long, long process. And it is frustrating. That's why many women give up so quickly.

There's definitely a faster route and a slower route. But you have to do an honest deep dive and ask yourself what you're willing to sacrifice to get results faster.

It's exactly the same mentality as saving money in the bank for a vacation.

Let's say you know your vacation is going to cost $5,000, just like you know that your goal is to lose 30 lbs. of body fat.

There are two ways to get to that vacation goal by saving your money. You can do it quickly with a lot of sacrifice and cutting back on luxuries and the things that you enjoy, like daily gourmet coffees, dinners out on the weekends, expensive hobbies, etc.

Or you can build in more time to reach the goal and save much more slowly in smaller amounts. Yes, it will take longer, but the path to getting there is going to be much more tolerable and much less full of sacrifice.

The same is true for your weight loss goals.

You can lose weight very quickly, but you're often going to be missing out on a lot of things you love, like free time with your family and loved ones by fitting in twice as many workouts each week, and cheat meals or some of your favorite foods because you really have to cut back on nutrition to make your results happen quickly.

Or, you can take the longer way and cut back a little less aggressively. Work out 3 days a week instead of 7.  Eat healthy 80% of the time and eat for fun 20% of the time rather than cutting out your favorite foods entirely.

Yes, the results are going to come a little more slowly. But honestly ask yourself, which one is more sustainable?  Which one can you stick with without giving up after 2-3 weeks?

Some people can flip on their focus like a switch and stay super dedicated to working out every single day and 100% clean eating. But unfortunately what happens after they reach their goal is they really haven't taught themselves any kind of moderation. And they slowly start to slide backwards into old habits because their extreme lifestyle can't be maintained long-term.

However, the people who learn moderation and are willing to practice the patience to get there over a longer period of time.  And they can continue this type of lifestyle for weeks, months, and even years.  Meaning, yes, the results are slower, but they will keep coming indefinitely.

You can absolutely get fast results, but what good are they if you can't keep them?

Just like saving your money aggressively, how long can you eat ramen noodles and drink instant coffee before that lifestyle gets weary?

If you're interested in sustainable change, definitely check out our website here:

Have an amazing day!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Combatting Winter Depression

Hey Girl Fighters! Do you feel sluggish, unmotivated, or depressed due to winter weather? Are these feelings heightened among the ongoing pandemic and the certainty of the future? You’re not alone. We’ve researched and found some tips and tricks we’d like to share to help combat some of these commonly experienced symptoms!

1.    Write Down Daily Activities

When there’s not much to do because of continued pandemic related restrictions, some days can be a blur. You may ask, “What did I do today?”, as one day appears to look like the previous one. We recommend writing down what you do each day, as sometimes even small accomplishments can help you maintain a positive attitude. Did you clean out the fridge or finally tackle that pile of clothes in the closet? It counts! This may help you find gratitude in the small things that we typically see as a “chore” that “needs” to be done.

One of our trainers says they color code their planner to easily show how balanced their day was! For example:

Pink – Errand

Orange – TV Show/Movie

Yellow – Fun

Green – Fitness

Blue – Work

Purple - Meals


2.    Do You Work From Home? Get Up and Get Outside!

        Westfall, a Forbes contributor, reported that a recent study showed 75% of workers in the United States have struggled mentally while working from home. Our recommendation would be to make sure to get up and move around for a bit every hour. It can be easy to get stuck in your chair especially when there is a lot to get done.

        Another tip would be to go outside for a minute or two on your deck, porch or lawn. It can be hard to get yourself to do this during the winter, but Sowa, MD, PHD, reports that nature can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and as a result, anxiety/depression. Keeping a coat, a hat, and some gloves near the door can encourage you to get out for a couple of minutes when you need it most!

3.    Find What You Like To Do

 Do you not like running? Don’t force yourself to run! Find a type of exercise you like to do, as that will help you stick with it. Sometimes it may not be a certain type of exercise, but a particular trainer that you like! However, the key to all of this is to allow yourself to take the time to find out what you like.


4.    Exercise More Often (even for small bits of time)


Can’t make it to your favorite Girl Fight Fitness class that day? Don’t let that stop you from getting a small workout in. Take 10-15 minutes and do some squats, sit-ups, or pushups. While you crave the individualized attention that your trainers give you during class, short self-guided workouts like this will help keep you motivated to show up for those longer workouts. According to Harvard Health Publishing, regular exercise assists the hippocampus to become larger, and therefore, more equipped in helping us balance our emotions. Doesn’t that sound great?


Stay balanced and healthy!



*This blog is meant to provide tips on helping reduce feelings of stress from an exercise standpoint and is not a medical diagnosis/treatment in any manner. If you require help from clinically trained staff, please contact your physician or local hotline for assistance.


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What to Expect During Masked Exercise

Tips from Coach Amber!

Hi! Amber, Girl Fight Fitness running coach here, to talk about masks. This is new for me to write a piece about my personal experiences. So please bear with me! Also, for those of you that may not know me, I’m not usually seen within the four walls of either location. I’m used to helping those of you who choose to set goals on crossing a 5k finish line and help you do so outside in parks and on running trails.

This year, I’m sorry to say, has looked very different. From the unexpected shutdowns and continuously canceled races, it has made personal running popular but group settings almost non-existent. As a result, this gave me the time to experience other Girl Fight classes and what they are like with the newly implemented state protocols.

Let’s face it, masks can be a pain in any area of life, especially when you forget it and have to go back home or to the car and grab it. However, I kind of experimented the other day with different kinds of masks during class. I had three different masks and will explain each of them.

  1. Cloth Mask - I started the class with the cloth mask and found it to be just okay at first through the warm up and the first couple of rounds of kickboxing/floor work. It was a bit heavy feeling, but it was nice to take it down (in my socially distanced square) for a sip of water.
  2. Disposable Mask - I noticed this one to be a bit more breathable and more comfortable. When it got damp with sweat, it was more comfortable than the cloth one. It was a little bit more lightweight and got me through the workout. Again, those sips of water in between, where I got a slight break from the mask, was much appreciated.

Say it with me… ew, mask sweat! I am not saying I’m going to solve the wearing a mask while working out topic, but hopefully I can give some tips based on my own experience that can work for you all as well! Also, I’m sure everyone has different styles and materials of masks, but one thing I can say for certain is that I was grateful for my third mask. 

3. Spandex Mask - This one is just a basic cloth/spandex one that I decorated myself and is more of a stylish one that I wore into the studio and out of the studio. This one was not damp with the workout sweat and made me overall more comfortable to continue on with the day’s errands and even just for the drive home.

I hope this helps you continue your fitness with a little bit more comfortably during this time!

A virtual high-five!


*This blog is meant to provide tips on adapting to new routines and procedures and is not a statement that these mask types or wearing one will prevent sickness and/or your own personal comfort levels.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Adapting to the “New Normal”

In March, the everyday errands, gatherings, and entertainment in our lives stopped with a grinding halt. It may have been welcomed for some of us at first (to an extent) as a reason to spend more time with our immediate loved ones, draw/paint more, or finally attempt those overdue house projects on our list. Others have been on the front lines and battling Coronavirus firsthand. Either way, it has been a stressful journey and you are not alone.

We are now being told we can patron certain businesses with very strict mask rules, social distancing, etc., but this provides angst as we’ve seen other places in the country close and reopen to only have to close again. Before you go somewhere, you have to familiarize yourself with their rules and each place is different since we are all learning this together.

Masks have become the new latest accessory adorned with gemstones, designs, or logos of our favorite places. While it’s fun to see how creative people can be, it becomes harder to get out the door, especially when you are halfway to the store and realize you forgot your mask and need to turn around. It’s also another thing to see someone refusing to wear it properly, or at all. The shear uncertainty of the pandemic’s ending makes it a normal thing for you to feel stressed.

Now that we’ve discussed the what and the why, we need to establish the “how”, how can we adapt to this new normal?

1.    Listen

The rules are there for a reason. Listen to them and understand that they are there for your safety.

2.    Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, those of us who thrive on spontaneity must learn to plan ahead. Use a planner to decide your itinerary for the day. Then call ahead to the places you plan to patron so that you are aware of the new procedures that they have in place. Also, write them down so you don’t have to remember what they were from the last time you went.

3.    Socially Distance on a Regular Basis

Before this, we like to think you would stay away from a person coughing or sneezing in public, especially someone that appears to have a cold. However, this virus makes it hard to determine if someone is sick, so we must not be within 6 feet of others even if we have a mask on, in general.

4.    Keep a Couple of Masks Around

          Keep a mask in your car. Make sure to wash it occasionally, but keeping one in your car allows you run to the store quickly and not have to worry about if you grabbed it from the house on the way out.

5.    Have Patience

Again, we are all learning this together and a little patience makes the whole process smoother for everyone. Remember that there will be longer wait times and new situations that people will need to learn to navigate.

6.    Talk to Others

Sharing tips and tricks to this “new normal” is encouraged! Talk to friends, family, co-workers about what you’re doing to stay safe. Also, if you’re comfortable with talking to them about how you’re feeling, they may tell you that they are feeling that way too. This commonality can help bring you closer in a time of need and make you feel a little bit more comfortable with life right now.

Stay safe out there everyone!

-Your Girl Fight Family

*This blog is meant to provide tips on adapting to new routines and procedures and is not a statement that all sickness will be prevented.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Add Some Girl Fight to your Zooms!

Want to add some Girl Fight fun to your Zoom meetings or workouts?  Download these Girl Fight Zoom backgrounds!

To download a background:
  1. Left click on the image below to open it in your web browser.
  2. Right click anywhere inside the image and left click on "Save image as..." in the drop-down menu.
  3. Save the image on your computer to access later via Zoom.
To use the background in Zoom, click here and follow the instructions from Zoom's Help site.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Why Exercise Is So Important Right Now

There is a lot of confusion about when life will get back to normal after the Coronavirus pandemic. When will we be able to go to the physical gym again? When will we be able to go to the places we normally would, including work?! (For those of us who were mandated to stay home).

Long story short, we only have projections and not a definite answer right now. In light of this, we can’t fall into thinking, “Oh just a couple of weeks without working out and it will be fine...I’ll jump back into it once this is over”. 

We need to stay in the habit of exercise, now more than ever. Exercise can help protect us in a variety of ways. Let Girl Fight Fitness tell you HOW!

1. Strengthening the Immune System

It is widely known that exercise helps with weight loss/maintenance. However, studies have been conducted to show the effects of exercise on overall health in regard to boosting the immune system.

Exercise helps in the production of antibodies and development of white blood cells, which help it stay healthy. This is not to say that exercise alone will make us invincible to the risk germs pose, but it’s a comforting and beneficial thing to have additional “fighters” on our side.

We must also remember to stay hydrated, get some sleep, and eat healthier to decrease risk from harmful outside factors!

2. Reducing Stress and Lifting Spirits

Exercise reduces stress by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that are the body’s natural painkiller. It allows us to better handle outside influences that would otherwise feel impossible to overcome.

Should we insert a Legally Blonde quote here? While this is a fictional movie, Reese Witherspoon’s character accurately breaks down the effects of endorphins quite well by stating that they can make us happy, and therefore, ultimately reduce stress.

It’s so important for gyms to provide access to classes that would be normally expected during a time that is anything but normal. Girl Fight Fitness believes that sticking to your normal routine (even though the venue may be different) will prevent the potential derailment of a person’s fitness journey both mentally and physically! 

Throughout the duration of this shutdown, Girl Fight Fitness has added temporary online classes to the schedule for its members specifically for this reason.

Keep exercising and we hope to see you in person soon!

-Your Girl Fight Family

*This blog is merely to demonstrate how exercise can help protect us/reduce risk from harmful outside factors and is not a statement that all sickness will be prevented.