Wednesday, December 29, 2021

New Year, New You?

Coming to the end of the year we give ourselves time to reflect on the goals we wanted to achieve. Did we achieve what we set out to? Did we have obstacles to overcome? Were there any unforeseen circumstances or things out of our control?

Sometimes we set the same goals for ourselves at the beginning of every year to hold ourselves accountable for the consistency in our lives. Once you have done your end of the year reflection, it is time to set new goals for the new year and take what we have learned this past year with us to make sure the goals we set are attainable. Remember that your goals can be anything: fitness, nutrition, self, finance, relationship, emotion, etc.

Before you set your new goals, write down everything good that happened this past year on one sheet of paper and everything you want to let go of on another. Keep the good in a place you’ll remember for next year, burn/rip/destroy the paper you need to let go of. Now get a new sheet of paper and write down your goals for 2022.

Start off with five small goals (something you can achieve within a few weeks to months) and two big goals (something that may take the entire year). Remember your small goals could be stepping stones to achieving your big goals. Some of your goals can be the same as 2021 but try to add in a few new ones.

I know it can also be hard to set goals for fear of disappointing yourself or others but they are important even if they are small. As we reflect on this year, try not to be so hard on yourself. We are living through uncertain times and it is important to give yourself some grace and peace of mind knowing that you did the best you could with the situations you were given and the information you had at the time.

Happy New Year from Girl Fight :)