Monday, March 15, 2021

What are Girl Fight Community Events?

They are fun events, whether virtual or in-person, that bring us together. They will allow you to create something you never thought to do, go on an adventure that you haven’t wanted to do alone, or simply, to get you out of the house!

We at Girl Fight Fitness care about you as a whole! We understand life gets busy between work, school, kids, hobbies, and other various activities. As a result, we want to offer enjoyable, relevant events that you can sign up for and fit into your schedule.

Creating time for fun outlets within your schedule can help reduce your stress level and boost your mind set in a positive manner (especially with a great group of ladies who support one another!).

Signing up for an event will ensure you don’t push off necessary me-time, which is easy to do! It also means you don’t have to plan the event…we do it for you! It takes the guess work out of what you’ll need, how long it will take, and figuring out the steps to complete/accomplish something.   

Have questions? We have answers:

1.    What does this cost?

It’s free with an active Girl Fight membership! There may be a supply list or some recommended items (but we will let you know of these beforehand so you may prepare accordingly).

2.    How do I sign up for them?

You sign up just like you normally would for a Girl Fight class on our website under the “Schedule” tab. You normally see classes in a Purple (Glenville) or Yellow (Latham) marker. However, these will be listed with a red marker.

3.    How often will these occur?

These will be occasional and not on a set schedule, but we will strive to offer at least one community event per month.

4.    What do the events entail? What will we be doing?

They will be different each month! They can be anything from a group hike to a cooking class/competition. Therefore, what you will be doing will vary.

Be sure to look at our Facebook, Instagram, and scheduling page for community event postings. We will alert you when there is a new event and what it will involve. If you like what you see and think it would be fun, come join us!

As an example, March’s community event will be teaching you how to complete two different egg decorating techniques. Both techniques require the eggs to be hard-boiled, but do not require the use of boiling water for the actual decorating process that many egg dipping techniques require. This is especially good if you have kids that you don’t near those hot surfaces/liquids while trying to decorate them. The first will be a marbled design using shaving cream and the second will be putting ANY image onto the egg’s surface. This allows you to customize the eggs exactly how you want to!

Girl Fighters - if you have any other questions about community events, please let us know! We are here to answer them.

We hope to see you at one very soon!

-Your Girl Fight Family